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Vinyl Mondays was a feature I did weekly on the Flashing Lights website until we threw in the towel.  I migrated all the posts to for future generations to read and download but haven’t done a new one in years.  And now like a phoenix, this new column on TTL blog rises from the ashes.  The first post is a favorite DC Go-Go tune, “The Bud” by Huck-A-Bucks.


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Vinyl Mondays: Tribe of Issachar

January 20th, 2012Categories: Downloads, Vinyl Mondays

Vinyl Mondays: I’d Fuck Me Originals

Here are all the songs I sampled on “I’d Fuck Me,” my new EP on T&A Records.

Aphex Twin – Bucephalus Bouncing Ball (right click “save target as”)

Secret Weapon – Must Be The Music (right click “save target as”)

Sergio Mendes – Magalenha (right click “save target as”)

Wynton Marsalis – Skain’s Domain (right click “save target as”)

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Vinyl Mondays: Watermelons

Herbie Hancock – Watermelon Man right click “save target as”

This was one of the first jazz albums I ever bought, bit shout out to Jamie Hodge for starting me off digging for The Headhunters and The Meters when I was a freshman in college. Herbie Hancock re-recorded this funkier version in 1973; the original jazz version from 1962’s Takin’ Off is also below (after the jump).

Common Sense – Watermelon right click “save target as”

Around the same time, this was my favorite album. Common, pre-Kufi era when he was still talking a whole lot of drunken bullshit. This one was produced by No I.D., who slipped in a sample of Johnnie Taylor’s “Watermelon Man” on the hook.

More watermelons after the jump!
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Vinyl Mondays: MFSB

MFSB – Love is The Message (Tee Scott Disco Mix) right click “save target as”

Bonus: MFSB – Love is the Message (Danny Krivit re-edit) right click “save target as”

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Vinyl Mondays: Kiss Me, I’m Irish

Irish Man – Part Time Lover (right click “save target as”)

As promised last week, here is another Steve Wonder-related gem. This one has an odd story: back when South Rakkas Crew was releasing rhythm albums on Greensleeves, they included this cover of “Part Time Lover” on their Clappas rhythm. I’ve been a big fan of this one since 2003, so when I got a chance to meet Dennis from South Rakkas, I asked him about it. Irish Man is not a Jamaican DJ but literally a guy from Ireland who just happens to be able to sing like Stevie Wonder. That the group included this tune on an otherwise pretty straightforward dancehall album is a sign of the genius that would come, as South Rakkas took over the mid-late 2000s with Chinkuzi, Mad Again, Bionic Ras, Red Alert and so much more.

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Vinyl Mondays: One Year

Donnie – Do You Know (right click “save target as”) 2001, Giant Step I’ve been doing Vinyl Mondays on the Flashing Lights blog for exactly a year, and since today is MLK Day, I wanted to spotlight the first record I put up over there.  We all know Mr Fingers “Can You Feel It,” it’s one of the top five house tracks of all time.  And there are lots of versions with different vocals, but the most moving is the version with MLK’s I Have A Dream speech. Download that here. Today’s record isn’t a Flashing Lights type of song but I rediscovered it in the back of my record shelves today and it matches my mood perfectly.  This was a 7″ single but you can also find it on Donnie’s excellent LP from 2002, The Colored Section.  It’s remarkable how much this singer sounds like Stevie, but he is actually a cousin of Marvin Gaye.  Next week I’ll be back with another Stevie Wonder-related post on Vinyl Mondays, produced by South Rakkas Crew (a cookie for anyone who can guess which record I’m talking about!).

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Vinyl Mondays: A Guy Called Gerald

Sometimes people ask me, “DJ Ayres, what do you do if you’re playing at an epic loft party and you need to take a shit?”  “Why that’s simple,” I answer, “the 8 minute Frankie Knuckles ‘Paradise Ballroom’ mix of Voodoo Ray.”

A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray (Paradise Ballroom mix)
bonus: A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray (extended mix)
(right click “save target as”)

May 2nd, 2010Categories: Downloads, Vinyl Mondays

Vinyl Mondays: Bobby Konders

House Rhythems – Nervous Acid (right click “save target as”)

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Vinyl Mondays: DJ Gregory

Soha (Julien Jabre & DJ Gregory) – Eve right click “Save Target As”
Versatile, Sampler, 2001 (12″)

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