Vinyl Mondays: Kiss Me, I’m Irish

Irish Man – Part Time Lover (right click “save target as”)

As promised last week, here is another Steve Wonder-related gem. This one has an odd story: back when South Rakkas Crew was releasing rhythm albums on Greensleeves, they included this cover of “Part Time Lover” on their Clappas rhythm. I’ve been a big fan of this one since 2003, so when I got a chance to meet Dennis from South Rakkas, I asked him about it. Irish Man is not a Jamaican DJ but literally a guy from Ireland who just happens to be able to sing like Stevie Wonder. That the group included this tune on an otherwise pretty straightforward dancehall album is a sign of the genius that would come, as South Rakkas took over the mid-late 2000s with Chinkuzi, Mad Again, Bionic Ras, Red Alert and so much more.

January 24th, 2011Categories: Downloads, Vinyl Mondays