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Small Talk 19: ESPO & MERO


Ayres and MERO talk to ESPO about painting on walls, 5 Pointz, interviewing ODB and Onyx for On The Go Magazine, Pokemon pushups, the Euroclub, house music, The Art of Getting Over, garbage bag jackets, corrupt cops and much more.



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Music Played:
Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Brooklyn Zoo
Onyx – Slam
Big L – Devil’s Son
River Ocean – Love & Happiness feat. India
A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray


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You Know They Polo

Saturday, November 30, 2013
The Rub
The Bell House – 149 7th Street, Brooklyn
We’re celebrating the homie Marco Polo’s album release w/ some very special guests!
10PM-4AM, $10 before midnight, $15 after. COME EARLY!!!

New mix alert!  Tons of our favorite raps!
The Rub x Adidas – Future Classics Mixtape 


art by Witchoria / animated by Respire

Holy fucking shit it’s like Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s Eve all rolled into one and slapped on two slices of 12 grain bread, lightly toasted with a pickle and chips on the side! This is the 50th release on T&A Records, and we’re damn proud to present Sandwich Island Bass‘s Dark Liquor EP. You can download it for free 99 as a Zip or on our Soundcloud, or if you’re one of those bleeding heart, Park Slope stroller mafia, tea party liberals who believes that musicians should be paid just like every other artist, you can purchase these super crazy Zouk Bass jams onBeatportiTunesAmazon, or anywhere else fine MP3s and WAV files are sold. Aloha!
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Small Talk 18: Dad Talk w. Maseo, NDN & Smalltown Pete

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 1.42.22 PM

Small Talk w/ Maseo, Smalltown Pete & DJ NDN (Part 2) by Brooklyn Radio on Mixcloud

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It’s the special edition Dadchat episode of Small Talk, with Maseo (De La Soul), Smalltown Pete (Smalltown DJs) and DJ NDN (A Tribe Called Red) getting super deep (and hilarious) with DJ Ayres. The four dads talk about their early nicknames, various stages of child-rearing, touring, cussing, touching baby turds with their bare hands, etc. Also: the quality of the recording is not the best but we were recording in a hotel room at an open-bar DJ camp, so deal with it.

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Small Talk 17: Maseo, Smalltown Pete & DJ NDN (Part 1)

Small Talk w/ Maseo

In the first half of this epic chat, Maseo tells De La Soul stories, including skipping high school to play demos for Prince Paul; the influence of StetsasonicUltramagnetic MCs and church on the group; learning to sample with a Casio children’s keyboard; a defense of fist fights and much more.  Part two of the podcast comes out next week, with MaseoPete (Smalltown DJs) and NDN (A Tribe Called Red) shooting the shit on their nicknames, kids, marriage, health care in the US vs Canada, the F word, etc.  Also: apologies for the quality of the recording but we were drinking a lot last week, sorry not sorry.

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Tracks played in part one:

De La Soul – Change In Speak
Donae’o – Party Hard
Stetsasonic – Sally
De La Soul – Potholes in My Lawn
De La Soul – Pease Porridge

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The Rub “Future Classics” Mix for Adidas Originals

Future Classics Mixtape by The Rub & Brooklyn Radio by Adidas Originals on Mixcloud

Adidas asked us to make a mix for their Classics series, so we picked up our crystal ball and predicted 25 Future Classics. These are some of our favorite rap records from the last year and change, with a sprinkling of rock, dancehall and trap, mixed in a relentless Rub Radio style.

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Sway in the Morning


I played a set on Sway in the Morning on Friday.  One rap song per year from 1979 to 2013. Listen above and  download below.

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