Small Talk 17: Maseo, Smalltown Pete & DJ NDN (Part 1)

Small Talk w/ Maseo

In the first half of this epic chat, Maseo tells De La Soul stories, including skipping high school to play demos for Prince Paul; the influence of StetsasonicUltramagnetic MCs and church on the group; learning to sample with a Casio children’s keyboard; a defense of fist fights and much more.  Part two of the podcast comes out next week, with MaseoPete (Smalltown DJs) and NDN (A Tribe Called Red) shooting the shit on their nicknames, kids, marriage, health care in the US vs Canada, the F word, etc.  Also: apologies for the quality of the recording but we were drinking a lot last week, sorry not sorry.

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Tracks played in part one:

De La Soul – Change In Speak
Donae’o – Party Hard
Stetsasonic – Sally
De La Soul – Potholes in My Lawn
De La Soul – Pease Porridge

November 13th, 2013Categories: Small Talk Podcast