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RCMP – Sweat And Loving (DJ Ayres Remix)

RCMP – “RCMP II Remixes”

King Britt – “Strings has taken me back to the Mancuso days of the Loft. The smell of baby powder fills the air. Top Notch!”

I’m real happy with the way this one came out. It’s full on disco, with a big bassline from my friend Kutcorners (Freshest DJs, Vancouver):

Sweat and Loving (DJ Ayres Remix) by Young Robots Records

1 RCMP – Sweat and Lovin (Pink Skull Remix)
2 RCMP – Sweat and Loving (DJ Ayres Remix)\
3 RCMP – Love The Music (Elvis Suarez Remix)
4 RCMP – Love The Music (Fifteenth Remix)
5 RCMP – Love The Music (Laberge Remix)
6 RCMP – Strings (Pumpkin Patch Remix)
7 RCMP – Strings (Burnso Remix)

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RCMP took the dance world by storm with their 2009 vinyl release “RCMP.” As the “nu-disco” sound was on the rise, the forward-thinking classicism of RCMP hit the scene like a left hook. DJ Apt One and Relative Q’s narrative song-writing reminded people that it’s ok to cry on the dancefloor. Babies were conceived to this record.
2011’s RCMP “II,” was a journey into a more spiritual realm of disco music, with guitars, strings and synths crisscrossing like lazer beams across a dancefloor bathed aglow in seductive red light. Dance music luminary King Britt said “Strings has taken me back to the Mancuso days of the Loft. The smell of baby powder fills the air. Top Notch!”
Now, RCMP – “RCMP II: The Remixes” presents seven reinterpretations of “RCMP II.” Remixers include Pink Skull (RVNG INT’L), Laberge (Solid Bump), Elvis Suarez (Strictly Rhythm), DJ Ayres (Young Robots / T&A), Fifteenth (Fools Gold / Scion AV), Burnso (Young Robots) and Pumpkin Patch (Young Robots).
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Mix Block & Fortune Live Mixes

Here’s a new mix I did for Wasabeat, along with a Top Ten. Lots of T&A stuff – house, rap, moombahton – and a few exclusives! This debuted on FM radio in Japan last Friday. You have to click play on their site, underneath my picture.

Plus a live drunk mix from Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver, this one is more hip-hop but with plenty of other stuff thrown in (and a couple of transitions that overlap with the Wasabeat mix – if it ain’t broke…

DJ Ayres live at Happy Ending Fridays by Fortune Sound Club
Tracklists after the jump.
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Hip-Hop History

Hip-Hop History by Brooklyn Radio on Mixcloud

Brooklyn Radio got the entire 31 mixes of The Rub History of Hip-Hop up on Mixcloud!  Click the left and right arrows on the widget above to go to previous years in the series, or jump to Hip-Hop History for the mixes on Mixcloud with full tracklists.   Download any and all of the shows right on the Brooklyn Radio website.

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GLC “Fellowship & Congregate”

I’m super proud of this EP. A few years ago after doing strictly dance records for a while, I got back into making rap beats. As a hip-hop DJ I’ve done a lot of shows with a lot of rappers but a standout for me was GLC, from the Sunglasses is a Must tour that Cosmo Baker and I did with A-Trak. He was on Kanye’s Spaceship and Drive Slow and had some really good records with A-Trak and with Three 6 Mafia. So when I had a rap beat I felt good about, I had A-Trak put me in touch with GLC and we did “Got Me Gone,” which kind of came and went. But then GLC hit me up and said he was getting good feedback on it and wanted to do a video.

He also said “send me more beats,” so I did, and after a few more months he hit me back with four finished songs on the first four beats I sent him, from me and my friends Nacey, Lunice and Derek Allen (aka DJA). Rhek knocked out a great cover, Sammy Bananas helped me tighten up the mixing and boom, here we are! The EP came out yesterday and it’s $2.99 on iTunes / $7.96 on Beatport. The Fader called it genius, and who am I to argue?

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