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RCMP – Sweat And Loving (DJ Ayres Remix)

RCMP – “RCMP II Remixes”

King Britt – “Strings has taken me back to the Mancuso days of the Loft. The smell of baby powder fills the air. Top Notch!”

I’m real happy with the way this one came out. It’s full on disco, with a big bassline from my friend Kutcorners (Freshest DJs, Vancouver):

Sweat and Loving (DJ Ayres Remix) by Young Robots Records

1 RCMP – Sweat and Lovin (Pink Skull Remix)
2 RCMP – Sweat and Loving (DJ Ayres Remix)\
3 RCMP – Love The Music (Elvis Suarez Remix)
4 RCMP – Love The Music (Fifteenth Remix)
5 RCMP – Love The Music (Laberge Remix)
6 RCMP – Strings (Pumpkin Patch Remix)
7 RCMP – Strings (Burnso Remix)

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RCMP took the dance world by storm with their 2009 vinyl release “RCMP.” As the “nu-disco” sound was on the rise, the forward-thinking classicism of RCMP hit the scene like a left hook. DJ Apt One and Relative Q’s narrative song-writing reminded people that it’s ok to cry on the dancefloor. Babies were conceived to this record.
2011’s RCMP “II,” was a journey into a more spiritual realm of disco music, with guitars, strings and synths crisscrossing like lazer beams across a dancefloor bathed aglow in seductive red light. Dance music luminary King Britt said “Strings has taken me back to the Mancuso days of the Loft. The smell of baby powder fills the air. Top Notch!”
Now, RCMP – “RCMP II: The Remixes” presents seven reinterpretations of “RCMP II.” Remixers include Pink Skull (RVNG INT’L), Laberge (Solid Bump), Elvis Suarez (Strictly Rhythm), DJ Ayres (Young Robots / T&A), Fifteenth (Fools Gold / Scion AV), Burnso (Young Robots) and Pumpkin Patch (Young Robots).
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Cassius Slay

artwork by Redfoxinbootz

Cassius Slay – Tree House EP

out now on Young Robots

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Cassius Slay – Tree House EP by Young Robots Records

After the success of the three Moombahton De Acero projects, we’re proud to be putting out our first all-original moombahton project from Columbus, Ohio’s Cassius Slay. Bringing together dirty dubstep synths, intense buildups and hype vocal ad-libs, these tracks have already seen support by Diplo, Tittsworth, Nadastrom, Cosmo Baker and more. After all the bouncy fun, the duo closes it out with palate-cleansing serenity on the EP’s title track, an homage to Colombus’s groovy sample-heavy hip-hop scene.

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