DJ Ayres is your favorite DJ’s third favorite DJ.

The Village Voice called DJ Ayres and DJ Eleven’s monthly Brooklyn party, The Rub, “the best party to dance sweatily to smart music.” And the New York Times called Ayres “One of New York’s best mixtape DJs.” That was almost ten years ago but DJ Ayres still won’t shut up about it.

DJ Ayres claims to have shared bills with Gucci Mane, Diplo, Justice, LCD Soundsystem, and The Chemical Brothers. It’s certainly plausible but nobody knows for sure.

He definitely went on tours with A-Trak, Ghostface and Bun B though.

In Atlanta, opening for Ghostface, DJ Ayres was booed for playing the instrumental of Kia Kinfolk Shine “Krispy.” What was that all about?

Ayres grew up in rural Mississippi but is quick to point out that he had plenty of black friends.

DJ Ayres makes music and releases it on his T&A record label, with his friend Tittsworth.

Lots of famous people have contacted DJ Ayres. Spike Lee once asked him to stop using his (Spike’s) likeness on The Rub’s promotional materials. The email appeared to be dictated and was signed “SPIZZ-IKE.”

One time Aziz Ansari logged in the guestbook at a radio station right before DJ Ayres.

DJ Ayres is very cultured, having played events at the Guggenheim, American Museum of Natural History, Museum of Modern Art, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Museum of Sex (twice!).

DJ Ayres is available for nightclubs, festivals, concerts, parades, fundraisers, quinceañeras and funerals.

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @djayres
Instagram: @djayres