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Still Rub

I’m coming home to you / where something see-through / so I can see your heart.
Night can never come / soon enough for me / I watch the sky all day.

Night is where I find / you and piece of mind / my days are filled with glee.


That’s why I truly / give you what you need / because you love me for me.

Tuesday, July 1
Doc Adam & DJ Ayres
The Tube
Portland, OR

Monday, July 7
Motown on Mondays
Oakland, CA

June 27th, 2014Categories: Flyers

Hollerboard Article

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 12.16.30 PM

“We definitely predated hipsters,” says Diplo of the now-defunct web forum known as the Hollerboard. “It was like a secret club.”

Throughout the 2000s, the Low-Bee board, otherwise known as the Hollerboard, was an online gathering place for DJs, internet nerds, producers and party kids to exchange music, talk shit, party right, hook up, and LOL. It grew from a tiny community that had migrated from other Philadelphia-based indie rock and hip-hop boards, connected with a party called Hollertronix, thrown by a then-relatively unknown Diplo and his good friend, DJ Low-Budget or Low-Bee.

“What it did was solidify our scene in Philly and NYC—[party crews like] Hollertronix, The Rub, etc.—very like-minded kids,” Diplo continues.

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Kindling Quarterly Feature

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I have a long interview and some great pictures in Kindling Quarterly #5, a beautiful magazine about creative fathers.

June 10th, 2014Categories: Press