Michael Jackson Mix


This is re-up of a Michael Jackson mix from 2008, a year before his death. Back then I wrote:

“I was bitten by the nostalgia bug a few weeks ago listening to an old Jackson 5 record and got kind of carried away, so I did a mix of Michael Jackson joints for Rub Radio. I started in 1970 with the Jackson 5 and went all the way up through 2001, not always mixing because I wanted to go in chronological order. I skipped over some of the more obvious songs (ABC, I Want You Back, Billie Jean, PYT) – if anybody is dying to hear those, please come see me DJ in real life. I hope this mix brings up as many happy memories and good feelings for you when you listen to it as it did for me making it.”

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MichaelJackson by The Rub on Mixcloud

June 25th, 2013Categories: DJ Mixes