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We’re big fans of Wax Romeo (aka Mandeep Ubhi) over here as we have known him for years now and had him play The Rub. Mandeep is one of those guys that you just remember when you meet him. He is one hell of a character who parties hard and can tell you jokes that make you laugh hysterically for hours, but there is no mistaking he is one incredibly talented musician. One-third of Smalltown Romeo (along with Smalltown DJ’s Pete and Mike), Mandeep holds down a residency at one of our favorite clubs in the world, Calgary’s Hi-Fi club, and is a ton of fun to DJ with.

October 16th marks the release of his first album, aptly titled Heavenz 2 Murgatroyd, on DJ Ayres & Tittsworth’s label T&A records. When I say album, I mean this is a full length 14 track LP that is as diverse as it is interesting. Many standout tracks on this one, but “Say Anything” and “No Flipping” require multiple listens.

T&A’s official press release describes the album as such: “Wax Romeo’s Heavenz 2 Murgatroyd album is both fully cohesive, with a consistent sonic fingerprint throughout, and wildly diverse. There is a Genre field below that says “please enter one,” which is a challenge even for individual songs, much less the whole album. You could apply genre tags from purple dubstep, future garage, pots-and-pans house, acid house and techno, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but so much ground is covered that trying to categorize Wax Romeo’s music might miss the point. The album is at times pretty, in other places brutal, and the sequencing is impeccable, with a very natural flow that still manages to surprise you at each turn. The bottom line for us is that for all the jokey titles, Heavenz is an emotionally moving collection of music. We hope you love it as much as we do.”

Support one of the best dudes around. Buy his album on AMAZON, iTUNES, JUNO, or BEATPORT. Make sure you follow Wax Romeo on TWITTER to truly appreciate what a mad man this guy is.

October 17th, 2012Categories: T&A Records