T&A Takeover in DC with Misun

I’m off to DC tonight to play with Tittsworth, Starks & Nacey and Misun.  We’re celebrating the release of Misun’s debut EP, which is free on T&A Records.   This is a very different release for us, as Misun is a female singer, and it’s a beautiful collection of songs, produced entirely by Nacey.  Download and Stream here.



Misun – The Sea (Free Download)

Misun – The Sea Remixes (Buy on iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, etc)

The three multifaceted band members of the DC aquawave/emo-pop band Misun (pronounced ‘me-sun’) met while working in different capacities at the Dupont Circle bar/restaurant, Science Club in 2010. At the time vocalist Misun Wojcik waitressed part-time, often sharing overlapping shifts with resident DJs William DeVon (guitar) and Nacey (production/keys). The three soon discovered a common musical bond and began writing and recording in Nacey’s bedroom studio on U Street. The band’s marine-inspired debut EP organically combines influences from folk to EDM to soul. The 6 songs are available together for free download on the T&A Records website. And the remix EP is a family affair, featuring a range of remixes from longtime friends Steve Starks, Cousin Cole, Gavin Holland, Billy the Gent, Londres and WIlliam Devon.

July 19th, 2012Categories: Downloads, Flyers, T&A Records