The Rub Interviewed in Time Out New York

Time Out New York recently interviewed DJ Ayres and DJ Eleven about the latest happenings with The Rub as well as thoughts on our new home at The Bell House.

TONY: When you found out that Southpaw was closing, was there any thought of going on hiatus, or even shutting the party down?
Eleven: No, not at all. We’ve actually known for a while—several years at least—that we had sort of outgrown Southpaw, but we definitely never wanted to stop doing the Rub. What happened was, Southpaw told us they were closing down about ten days before the last party we did there. And Ayres and I literally left that meeting, walked a couple doors down to a coffee place and began to figure out what we were gonna do next. We didn’t skip a beat. You know, the Rub pays our bills, but it’s also something that’s near and dear to our hearts. It’s not something we want to walk away from because we have to. When we do walk away someday, it’ll be because we want to.

TONY: Does being in Brooklyn help?
Ayres: Definitely. When we started, there weren’t very many big parties at all in Brooklyn, and I think that let us have the Rub develop in a more natural way. We always wanted it to feel like a house party.

TONY: It’s always had the reputation of being a very unpretentious affair.
Eleven: That’s very important—probably the most important thing about the Rub. We know we have to take care of our friends, but we’ve always avoided creating a feeling of elitism. If you’ve got ten bucks and you’re okay with waiting in line for a bit, then we want you. Just be ready to party.

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April 25th, 2012Categories: Press, The Rub