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A few years ago my friend from Philly Pittsburgh, DJ Apt One, sent me demos from his project, RCMP. To my surprise this wasn’t edits or mashups, it was full fledged original disco tracks by Apt and his man Paul aka Relative Q. I’m a big fan of Italo disco so I loved it and played the hell of the vinyl when it came out. Since then I’ve been working a lot with Skinny Friedman (Apt One’s partner in Philadelphyinz), playing parties together in Philly and in New York, and kept up a friendship with RCMP as well.

This year we talked about putting their new EP on T&A, a discussion which evolved into me jumping in to help out with Young Robots, the label they started a few years ago to put out RCMP and Philadelphyinz related music. We relaunched the label this fall and we’re on a roll, from disco and house to moombahton to weird remixes of rap and whatever the fuck we’re feeling. So I’m really excited to present this DJ mix, which features a bunch of the recent records we’ve put out plus a few exclusives which will be out in the coming months, starting with RCMP II this Tuesday, October 18. Tracklist after the jump, and be sure to check out their insane new video as well.

1. Intro – We Are The Robots
2. RCMP – Love The Music
3. Pumpkin Patch – Heartless
4. Solidisco – Lovebeat
5. Pumpkin Patch – Doobie Bras
6. Bang Noyes – Come On
7. Soulja Boy – All Black Everything (Jay Fay remix)
8. Cassius Slay – Like That
9. Skinny Friedman & DJ Apt One – Kick It! (Evil Dee)
10. DJ Apt One – Bells & Whistles
11. Tiny Cat – Touch
12. Skinny Friedman – Hundred Dollar Salad (Sammy Bananas remix)
13. Dash Speaks – Tragic Kingdom (Relative Q remix)
14. Peter Dragontail ft. Maggie Horn – Crazy Bout You
15. Bang Noyes – Yeah Uh Huh
16. RCMP – Sweat and Loving
17. Solidisco – Give My Love

October 12th, 2011Categories: DJ Mixes