Worldwide Smash

On August 5th I did a guest DJ set and made banter on DJ Still Life’s Worldwide Smash show, on East Village Radio. You can stream the show in his archives. I’m a huge fan of this show and highly recommend it for fans of darker electronic music, forward-thinking hip-hop and all its cousins.

ALSO Still Life rocked this mix (and party) with my patna DJ Eleven:

Str8 West Coastin’ – Eleven, Dopeshoes, Still Life by 11InchRecords

FINALLY on the subject of Internet Radio, I would be remiss in not shouting out Jubilee’s newish show on Brooklyn Radio, it’s called Fireworks. Each show is a 30 minute mix from Brooklyn Miami’s Bass Sweetheart and a 30 minute mix by a guest, often someone big, dancey and European.

August 24th, 2011Categories: DJ Mixes