Munchi Benefit

This Thursday is Moombahton Massive 3.  All proceeds go to help Munchi pay for his hospital bills, after a spontaneous seizure and coma in Hawaii.  We’ve raised a solid amount of money already but nowhere near what it will cost to pay for all the bills, and this is important for Munchi to be able to travel freely back and forth to the US and DJ on the books with a work permit.  (Besides being the right thing to do).

I spoke with Munchi on the phone last week and his doctor in Rotterdam told him he can begin to DJ and produce music again soon.  He says he’s been resting up and he’s excited about working again.  His headaches are much fewer and farther between and he’s feeling a lot better than he was – less dizziness & memory issues, more clear-headed and normal.

Even if you can’t make it to Moombahton Massive 3, you can still donate money directly to Munchi’s hospital fund right here.


I’ve been in the studio feverishly working on edits to play at the Massive.  I have a bunch of finished stuff to debut on Thursday and I don’t want to give away too many surprises but while we’re on the topic of Munchi, I wanted to share this one as a little sneak preview.  It’s simple but very playable.

Wayne Wonder x Munchi – No Letting Go (DJ Ayres blend)

April 12th, 2011Categories: Downloads, Flyers, T&A Records