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Diabetes Diagnosis for Jerry Douthett: Dog Ate Toe

Man’s Penis Freed From Metal Pipe With Industrial Grinder

McPrankster found not guilty in Utah rap case

President of Ukraine ‘attacked by wreath’

Ghostbusters called in over case of libraries’ disappearing funds

Rice Paddy Art

Man Calls 911 Twice to Say He’s Hungry

Twins Have Different Dads

Wiki – “Sleep Sex”

Suspected Serial Cat Killer is Under House Arrest

Dolphins Block Somali Pirates

World’s First Trans-Vaginal Kidney Removal

Woman Climbs into Knut’s Habitat, Is Attacked by Bear

Loner who built network of tunnels out of rubbish in his home dies ‘after getting lost in labyrinth’

Dog Drives into Coffee Shop

Talula Does the Hula

Man found in WI Basement Covered in BBQ Sauce

Bright Object in Sky Turns Out to be the Moon

Police: Beer was strapped in, but not 16-month-old

Outcry over pregnant underage elephant

Drunk man in ill-advised firewalking mishap

Russian woman easily delivers gigantic baby

Bosnian driver so drunk he ‘should have been dead’

The octopus who loves his Mr Potato Head

Texas mayor accused of stealing neighbor’s dog resigns

Falling moose nearly takes out Alaska trooper

Scientists to send baby fish into space

Man Trying to Escape from Police Eaten by Gator

World’s Longest Cat

Big Cows, Tiny Cars

iPod Sets Man’s Pants on Fire

Pepsi Employee Attacks Coke Worker

Mr Potatohead Busted for Drugs

Man Wakes Up During His Own Autopsy

Armless Man Kills Armed Man in Fight

Dwarf’s Penis Gets Stuck to Vacuum

Crocodile Survives Tower Plunge

Passenger Hid Monkey Under Hat


Cop Shoots 200 Pound Pet Pig

Animals with a nose for trouble

Three Year Old Smashes Plasma Screen In Wii-Rage Incident

Doggy day care? Pup shares his mom with tiger triplets

Scientology ‘alien landing’ markings found

Dad Deposits Toddler In Drop Box

Man cut off penis in pizza restaurant

Robbers Glue Victim to Exercise Cycle

Flaming Toilets

Four-Legged Duck Now Three-Legged

Dolphins Sing ‘Batman’ Theme

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