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Smalltown DJs & Grandtheft – Good People

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Close your eyes and picture the cast of Hee-Haw at a massive rave – “Good People” is the soundtrack, a rollicking banjo banger. This release marks the second outing on T&A for both the Smalltown DJs and Grandtheft, following up Loving The Vibe and Gangsta Musik / Splash, respectively. Early support from Soggy Bottom Boys, the Duke Brothers, Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel, Barney Fife and Jeff Foxworthy.

The Good People EP comes out on January 8, 2013, with remixes from XXXChange and Nacey. XXXChange’s remix is hard as fuck, while Nacey’s is deeper and more melodic. The B-side, Stuck Here, is a tech-house floor-filler with an equally irresistible hook. The Good People tour is currently rampaging across Canada.

Smalltown DJs & Grandtheft – Good People  Full EP coming January 8.

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Des McMahon – The Come Down

I love this record. That is all.

Des McMahon “Ginger Problems” is out now on T&A Records: iTunes / Amazon / Beatport

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Wax Romeo Album

Reposted from The Rub blog:

We’re big fans of Wax Romeo (aka Mandeep Ubhi) over here as we have known him for years now and had him play The Rub. Mandeep is one of those guys that you just remember when you meet him. He is one hell of a character who parties hard and can tell you jokes that make you laugh hysterically for hours, but there is no mistaking he is one incredibly talented musician. One-third of Smalltown Romeo (along with Smalltown DJ’s Pete and Mike), Mandeep holds down a residency at one of our favorite clubs in the world, Calgary’s Hi-Fi club, and is a ton of fun to DJ with.

October 16th marks the release of his first album, aptly titled Heavenz 2 Murgatroyd, on DJ Ayres & Tittsworth’s label T&A records. When I say album, I mean this is a full length 14 track LP that is as diverse as it is interesting. Many standout tracks on this one, but “Say Anything” and “No Flipping” require multiple listens.

T&A’s official press release describes the album as such: “Wax Romeo’s Heavenz 2 Murgatroyd album is both fully cohesive, with a consistent sonic fingerprint throughout, and wildly diverse. There is a Genre field below that says “please enter one,” which is a challenge even for individual songs, much less the whole album. You could apply genre tags from purple dubstep, future garage, pots-and-pans house, acid house and techno, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but so much ground is covered that trying to categorize Wax Romeo’s music might miss the point. The album is at times pretty, in other places brutal, and the sequencing is impeccable, with a very natural flow that still manages to surprise you at each turn. The bottom line for us is that for all the jokey titles, Heavenz is an emotionally moving collection of music. We hope you love it as much as we do.”

Support one of the best dudes around. Buy his album on AMAZON, iTUNES, JUNO, or BEATPORT. Make sure you follow Wax Romeo on TWITTER to truly appreciate what a mad man this guy is.

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T&A Takeover in DC with Misun

I’m off to DC tonight to play with Tittsworth, Starks & Nacey and Misun.  We’re celebrating the release of Misun’s debut EP, which is free on T&A Records.   This is a very different release for us, as Misun is a female singer, and it’s a beautiful collection of songs, produced entirely by Nacey.  Download and Stream here.



Misun – The Sea (Free Download)

Misun – The Sea Remixes (Buy on iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, etc)

The three multifaceted band members of the DC aquawave/emo-pop band Misun (pronounced ‘me-sun’) met while working in different capacities at the Dupont Circle bar/restaurant, Science Club in 2010. At the time vocalist Misun Wojcik waitressed part-time, often sharing overlapping shifts with resident DJs William DeVon (guitar) and Nacey (production/keys). The three soon discovered a common musical bond and began writing and recording in Nacey’s bedroom studio on U Street. The band’s marine-inspired debut EP organically combines influences from folk to EDM to soul. The 6 songs are available together for free download on the T&A Records website. And the remix EP is a family affair, featuring a range of remixes from longtime friends Steve Starks, Cousin Cole, Gavin Holland, Billy the Gent, Londres and WIlliam Devon.

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I’d Fuck Me

I’d Fuck Me is still getting heavy burn in a lot of DJ sets… here’s a couple of choice tunes in case you missed them:

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Mix Block & Fortune Live Mixes

Here’s a new mix I did for Wasabeat, along with a Top Ten. Lots of T&A stuff – house, rap, moombahton – and a few exclusives! This debuted on FM radio in Japan last Friday. You have to click play on their site, underneath my picture.

Plus a live drunk mix from Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver, this one is more hip-hop but with plenty of other stuff thrown in (and a couple of transitions that overlap with the Wasabeat mix – if it ain’t broke…

DJ Ayres live at Happy Ending Fridays by Fortune Sound Club
Tracklists after the jump.
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T&A Breaks 3

iTunes / Amazon / Beatport / Turntable Lab / Juno

T&A Breaks is DJ Ayres and Tittsworth’s wildly popular series of loops for DJs and producers. The first volume on A-Trak’s AMMO Records focused on Baltimore Club and Miami Bass, while the second, on T&A Records, cast the net a little wider with Bmore, house, juke, fidget, dubstep, etc. T&A Breaks III is dedicated to Moombahton, a genre Dave Nada introduced with three EPs on T&A Records. Producers such as Munchi, Sabo and JWLS took the ball and ran with it, expanding on the original idea (Dutch House slowed down to Reggaeton tempo). A year and a half later the movement is overflowing with talent.

T&A Breaks 3 is over an hour of drums, percussion, synths, basslines, buildups, shouting, fucking, fighting and chicken noises, direct from the production libraries of some of the top moombahton producers from all over the world: Munchi, Sabo, Ayres, Orion, Melo, Philadelphyinz, A-Mac and Torro Torro. Throw these loops in your sampler and you’re ready to make Moombahton like the pros.  Here is a freebie from JWLS:

T&A Breaks 3 – JWLS Moombahton Loops & Samples (BONUS TRACK) by T&ARecords

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I’d Fuck Me EP + Video

The EP is finally here!

Buy it so I can pay my taxes! iTunes / Amazon / Juno / Turntable Lab

My friend Harry and I threw this video together for Flashing Lights:

DJ Ayres – Flashing Lights.

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Buy The Album When I Drop It

preview the whole EP on the T&A Soundcloud

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Mad Friends Mix

DJ Ayres – Mad Friends by T&ARecords

DJ Ayres – I’d Fuck Me [T&A Records]
Para One & Tacteel – A1 [Fools Gold]
Jeremy Glenn – New Life (Torro Torro Remix) [Future Classic]
Peter Dragontail & Maggie Horn – Crazy Bout You [Young Robots]
Rob Threezy – Venus [Soundcloud]
Nadastrom – Theo [Dubsided]
Tittsworth & Alvin Risk – Porcacheese [Plant]
Zombies for Money – Ankara Dream [Trouble & Bass]
DJ Ayres – Panty Crickets (Swick Remix) [T&A Records]
Munchi – Shottas (Alvar Remix / Sabo’s Slow Down Edit) [T&A Records / Tittsworth.com]
Tittsworth & Alvin Risk – Pendejas
Johnny Love – The Switch (Skinny Friedman & DJ Ayres remix) [T&A Records]
Win Win – Releaserpm (Nadastrom Remix) [Vice Records]
Vybz Kartel – Beautiful Girl [Mixpak Records]
Derek Allen – Spirits in the Material World [Mad Decent]
Clicks & Whistles – Raw Passion [T&A Records]
Clicks & Whistles – Raw Passion (DJ Ayres Remix) [T&A Records)
Grandtheft – Splash [T&A Records]
DJ Ayres & Nadastrom – Liberation [T&A Records]
DJ Eli – Desire ft. Nomi Ruiz (Beg To Differ Remix) [Plant / Wurst]

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