Heavy Warmup

Heavy Warmup 8: Benny B

HEAVY WARMUP 8 by thatdjbennyb

Benny B (NY) used to open up for me at Savalas when he was first starting out, like 6 years ago. I remember because he was playing vinyl and at that point I was already messing with CDJs and then Serato. He’s become a really solid party DJ, and I’ve played with him a bunch of times in Brooklyn at his parties. It was at Scott Melker & Puja’s party that the lightbulb above my head lit up – this dude is perfect for Heavy Warmup. Here he is, live at Huckleberry Bar in BK, 11 – 12. Tracklist after the jump, download here:


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Heavy Warmup Vol 7: Scott Melker

This one is so heavy! Scott Melker has been DJing in clubs all over New York City since cavemen rode dinosaurs, and his expertise shines through on Heavy Warmup Vol 7.  Perfect for summer in the city.

Heavy Warmup 7: Scott Melker

Tracklist after the jump.
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Heavy Warmup Vol 6: Low Beezy

Heavy Warmup Vol 6: Low-Bee

This week we have a new mix from the Heavy Warmup king, Mike aka Low Bee aka Low Beezy aka Low Budget from Hollertronix. This is the sound of 11 PM shredding! Follow the god on Twitter and Facebook, and see him live in Philadelphia at Walnut Room on Wednesdays and Top Hat on Fridays. Tracklist after the jump.

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Heavy Warmup Vol 5: DJ 7L

Heavy Warmup Vol 5: DJ 7L

I’ve always been a fan of 7L’s beats, which I put right up there with DJ Premier and the Alchemist. His Bladerunners edit project is really dope too. I met him in person a couple of years ago at SXSW and I tried not to geek out too hard on him; since then we’ve played together a bunch of times both on his turf in Boston and at The Rub in Brooklyn. He’s a serious veteran DJ and does all kinds of gigs. This heavy warmup set was recorded at a hotel gig a couple of months ago, and I’ve probably listened to it 100 times since he gave it to me. Hope yall enjoy! And be sure to check him out at www.dj7l.com

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Heavy Warmup Vol 4: DJ Sure Shot

DJ Sureshot – Heavy Warmup 4 (Neptunes Edition)on Mixcloud

Download: http://www.divshare.com/download/24093610-9d6

Nick Catchdubs called Heavy Warmup Vol 4 “my favorite mix of the year” on the Fools Gold blog. See if you can guess the theme of this mix from longtime Rub collaborator DJ Sure Shot, then check his new website with a million classic mixtapes, http://www.dopebox.net/

Prince – Greatest Romance RMX f. Q-Tip & Pharell
Guru – Supalove f. Kelis
Latrelle – Dirty Girl
Mase – Lookin At Me f. Diddy
Jay-Z – Fuck All Night
SWV – Right Here RMX
LL Cool J – Love You Better
Beanie Sigel – Don’t Stop f. Snoop
Game – Ain’t No Doubt About It f. Justin Timberlake
Usher – I Don’t Know f. Diddy
Ray-J – Formal Invite f. Pharrell
Diddy – Diddy
Faith – Burnin’ Up f. Missy
Justin Timberlake – Last Night
Babyface – There She Goes
Pharrell – Frontin’ f. Jay-Z
Snoop Dogg – Let’s Get Blown f. Pharrell
Philly’s Most Wanted – Please Don’t Mind
Pharrell – Number One f. Kanye West
Snoop – Signs f. Justin Timberlake & Charlie WIlson
Madonna – Beat Goes On
Omarion – Touch
Robin Thicke – Wanna Love You Girl

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Heavy Warmup Vol 3: DJ Anonymous

photo by Scott Nelson

DJ Anonymous: Heavy Warmup Vol 3 by DJ Anonymous

You already know about the series; I’m sharing my favorite DJs’ warmup sets, showing you how the pros get a crowd moving without burning through all the big records before midnight. This week, DJ Anonymous (Helsinki) takes the series in a little different direction:

“As much as I’ve been into disco and house recently, I still love to play a lot of different things. Classic dancehall and early digital stuff especially has been close to my heart always, when Ayres asked me to take part in the Heavy Warmup series it was just the right excuse to finally put together a mix. No matter what you’re going to play later on Cocoa Tea should get the party started right. Enjoy!” – Anonymous

This mix makes me so happy! I hope you like it too. Tracklist after the jump.
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Heavy Warmup Vol 2 – DJ Eleven

The big guy throws down a Heavy Warmup set! Tony Toni Tone, Pharrell, Stevie Wonder, Nate Dogg and loads more of your favorite 11 PM jams, quick mixed to perfection. Listen and download here:

DJ Eleven – Heavy Warmup Vol 2

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Heavy Warmup Vol 1

DJ Ayres – Heavy Warmup Vol 1

Here is Volume 1 of Heavy Warmup, recorded live at Bond in Las Vegas. Expect LL Cool J, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Ruff Ryders, Madonna, Neyo, Sharon Brown, Lil Louis, Janelle Monae, Robin S and a ton of unexpected 11 PM heat. Pre-bangers!  I’ll be putting up a new Heavy Warmup mix every two weeks from your favorite DJs.  No drops, talking or crazy Ableton trickery, just the pros warming it up like Kane.

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Heavy Warmup Vol 0

I’m starting a new mix series on my site called Heavy Warmup. I love this DJ slot, it’s the time of the night when people are getting their second drink, the dancefloor is just starting to fill up, and the DJ can tease the crowd with great forgotten jams and new secret weapons. So I’ve asked a bunch of my favorite DJs to record a heavy warmup mix and I’ll be posting a new one every couple of weeks. One of the big inspirations for this series is Woodman’s 90s R&B Warmup CD, which you can download right here. So I’m starting the series off at Volume 0 with Woodman and as an added bonus he sent an lost interview about this classic mix. The inimitable Unemployed Lloyd does the honors.

Unemployed Lloyd: So how has your life changed since you made the RnB opener?

Woody Fu: My life has changed exactly zero. Actually that’s not true. Random people come into the lab and tell me that they love that R&B cd, that they see it lying around in CDJs at like Lotus or whatever.

Unemployed Lloyd: Your mix has probably been played at least once in every major club across the world. How does that make you feel?

Woody Fu: Like a chump! I totally tossed off that CD as like a “we are all lazy dudes” thing and everyone has it! Meanwhile I spend like 4 months making Metal on Metal with Michna and all we get is a write up in German Vice.

Unemployed Lloyd: The gigs must just be pouring in huh?

Woody Fu: Man I would not want gigs that come as a result of people hearing that CD. It would be like the W hotel Times Square x1000

Unemployed Lloyd: And the women? You probably have to beat them off with a rock filled sock.
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