Small Talk 4: Nick Catchdubs, Jubilee & Sammy Bananas

Small Talk w/ Nick Catchdubs, Jubilee & Sammy Bananas by Brooklyn Radio on Mixcloud

Nick Catchdubs, Jubilee and Sammy Bananas sit down with DJ Ayres at the Fool’s Gold headquarters and discuss Robocop, taking the elevator on the sabbath, music journalism and bitchass-ness, JNCOs, AID5MAU5, Crookers and crab snooker. Then Ayres farts into the microphone to sign off.


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Songs played:

Telephoned – Nearly Lost You
Munchi – Hope (feat. Telephoned)
Misun – Met You (feat. Sammy Bananas on saxaphone)
Misun – My Time (Cousin Cole remix)
Jubilee – Pop It!
Jubilee – Overtown
A-Trak & GTA – Landline
A-Trak & Tommy Trash – Tuna Melt
Nick Catchdubs – Pop That Party Break
Bombaman – Not Going Straight
Crookers – What Up Y’all

December 10th, 2012Categories: Flashing Lights, Small Talk Podcast