Vinyl Mondays: Watermelons

Herbie Hancock – Watermelon Man right click “save target as”

This was one of the first jazz albums I ever bought, bit shout out to Jamie Hodge for starting me off digging for The Headhunters and The Meters when I was a freshman in college. Herbie Hancock re-recorded this funkier version in 1973; the original jazz version from 1962’s Takin’ Off is also below (after the jump).

Common Sense – Watermelon right click “save target as”

Around the same time, this was my favorite album. Common, pre-Kufi era when he was still talking a whole lot of drunken bullshit. This one was produced by No I.D., who slipped in a sample of Johnnie Taylor’s “Watermelon Man” on the hook.

More watermelons after the jump!

July 11th, 2011Categories: Downloads, Vinyl Mondays