Vinyl Mondays: One Year

Donnie – Do You Know (right click “save target as”) 2001, Giant Step I’ve been doing Vinyl Mondays on the Flashing Lights blog for exactly a year, and since today is MLK Day, I wanted to spotlight the first record I put up over there.  We all know Mr Fingers “Can You Feel It,” it’s one of the top five house tracks of all time.  And there are lots of versions with different vocals, but the most moving is the version with MLK’s I Have A Dream speech. Download that here. Today’s record isn’t a Flashing Lights type of song but I rediscovered it in the back of my record shelves today and it matches my mood perfectly.  This was a 7″ single but you can also find it on Donnie’s excellent LP from 2002, The Colored Section.  It’s remarkable how much this singer sounds like Stevie, but he is actually a cousin of Marvin Gaye.  Next week I’ll be back with another Stevie Wonder-related post on Vinyl Mondays, produced by South Rakkas Crew (a cookie for anyone who can guess which record I’m talking about!).

January 17th, 2011Categories: Downloads, Flashing Lights, Vinyl Mondays